Whynut was initiated by a chemical engineering student at UCT called Nyasha Mawungwe. His main objective was to encourage healthy living habits which included the snacks that they had in the morning with their coffee, what they had for their pre or post workout snack and in between the main meals. The accepted norm was the unhealthy snacks were unaffordable and the ones with most nutritional value were expensive which diverted the majority to either not having anything or opting for the cheaper options. In addition the healthy snacks were known to be boring and tastless. Therefore the creation of Whynut was to initially address and showcase that snacks could be delicious(tasty), high in nutritional value and affordable. Our initial step was to partner up with the independent stores on campus and as our influence has grown and receiving market feedback we have partnered up with local health shops in the southern suburbs. Our major goal is to easily avail our products and services to everyone and the main reason behind the operation of our online store. We intend and strive to supersede the product quality and service standards out customers expect and to be your number one brand choice. Our motto "Feed your hustle" means whatever work or activity you participating in we want to ensure we enhance your productivity with our products and services.

Whynut Mission

In your daily activities to maximise your output we believe begins with what you take in. We strive for our products to provide you with the required energy and nutrition to achieve your individual and collective goals. Whynut is to empower its customers by continuously innovating in the health food and services sphere.